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Dr. Alesch Staehelin, LL.M.

Is IBM´s Lead Counsel Research Europe, focusing on the legal aspects of cognitive computing (digitalization, virtualization and automation): Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, etc. He is a member of IBM´s global IP and competition law core teams.
Before assuming his current role, Alesch Staehelin was for several years the Lead Counsel Europe for IBM´s maintenance services and IBM´s Lead Counsel DACH for outsourcing services, etc. Prior to joining IBM, he worked eight years as a TMT attorney for major law firms in Zurich, Switzerland.
As Digital Lawyer & Counsel (DLC)®, Alesch Staehelin frequently speaks and writes on technology and IP related legal issues. He studied at the UCLA School of Law (LL.M.), the City University of New York and the University of Zurich School of Law (Dr. iur.).

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