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Bernhard Sommer

Bernhard Sommer is the founder and head of the architecture office EXIKON arc & dev. The office specialises in the use of the latest design technologies and its objective is the early integration of the results of scientific research into the design process. He teaches energy design at the University of Applied Arts and represents Patrick Schumacher as visiting professor at the Institute for Experimental Architecture at the University of Innsbruck. He also teaches building physics at the University of Applied Arts and University of Innsbruck and runs seminars on the subject of sustainable design at the Technical University of Graz, the University of Cagliari and as part of the master's degree course in Urban Strategies.
He was awarded the Arch+ Prize in 2000, the Schindler Bursary in 2002 and the Prize for Experimental Tendencies in Architecture in 2006. In April 2013 Bernhard Sommer and Neil M. Denari were invited to present the work of EXIKON arc & dev at the MAK Center in LA.

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