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Charlotte Verhofstadt

Currently, Charlotte is working for Child Focus as Policy advisor on issues related to sexual exploitation of children. Previously, she worked for MEP, Ms. Hilde Vautmans (Belgium, ALDE), dealing with human rights, foreign affairs and migration. Before, she worked as an intern for the Fundamental Rights Agency of the EU (Vienna, Austria), the ALDE Group in the European Parliament and Child Focus (Brussels, Belgium), and carried out volunteer work for VZW Humain (Ghent, Belgium). Charlotte earned a Master Degree in Law at the University of Ghent, Belgium and complemented this degree with a M.A. in Human Rights at the University of Vienna. Charlotte has always been passionate about criminal law and children´s rights in the EU, and fascinated, more broadly, by the evolution of their position in our European society. As the Procedural Safeguards Directive for children can be seen as a sort of barometer in this field, it was almost self-evident she would write her Master thesis on this topic.

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