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Daniele Mezzana

Daniele Mezzana has been working for over thirty years in the domain of sociological research. As a social researcher and educator, he has carried out studies (in Europe, Africa, India, Latin America) on themes such as: innovation, science and society; surveillance and privacy; relations between citizens and law enforcement; training needs analysis; social representations; dynamics of communication; African societies; island studies. He has a long professional experience with CERFE and LSC, and has cooperated with UNDP, IOM, WHO, UNESCO, the European Union, several Italian government bodies, FORMEZ, Bayer, Pfizer. He was in charge of coordinating positions and teaching at the School of Sociology and Human Sciences (Rome), specialising in epistemological research and general sociological theory, focusing on the relations between the cognitive and operational aspects of human experience. He is currently affiliated to Knowledge and Innovation (K&I) and is collaborating at STARBIOS2 project, led by University of Tor Vergata (Rome).

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