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David Gutiérrez Colominas, PhD

Is a post-doctoral researcher (accredited Associate Professor in 2019) from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and completed his PhD in 2018 (International mention), with a grant from the Ministry of Education of Spain (FPU), that has allowed him to teach Employment Law at Autonomous University of Barcelona. He gives lectures in labour law for undergraduates in the law degree and labour relations degree. In labour law, he has a particular interest in equality and non-discrimination of people with disabilities. His PhD dissertation, published in 2019 by Editorial Bomarzo, analysed the duty to provide reasonable accommodation in the workplace from an international and comparative legal perspective (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Spain). Gutiérrez Colominas is a member of Berkeley Comparative Equality & Anti-Discrimination Law Study Group, and a member of diff erent UAB research institutions related to equality and non-discrimination (CERSIN, DRELATES and Dones i Drets).

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