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Elisa Klein Diaz

She is a human rights practitioner holding a bachelor´s degree in International Relations from the University Complutense of Madrid and a Master in Human Rights from the University of Vienna. During her Master Degree, she completed and internships at the legal department of UNHCR Austria and at the project management department from Transparency International in Germany. For her master thesis she decided to research the situation on trans children in Spanish schools after reading about a case were a transgender child was not allowed to change their name in school. This situation was pointed out by the media because the regulations vary depending on the region children live in, resulting in different treatments in the same country. This unfair situation moved Elisa to start conducting research on this topic and was the reason why she analysed all regional laws that existed in Spain up to June 2017. Since she finished her Master, she has worked for the Ludwig Boltzmann Institut for Human Rights and for the Austrian Ombudsman Board. She currently works at FIAN as a specialist on social rights, where she conducts research and works on international projects on the right to food. She also works for Amnesty International as a human rights educator, providing trainings to children and adults in Vienna.

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