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Felipe Gómez Isa

Is Professor of Public International Law and researcher at the Institute of Human Rights of the University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain), where he is Head of the Unit on Indigenous Peoples' Rights. He is National Director of the European Master in Human Rights and Democratization, EMA (EIUC, Venice, Italy). He has been Visiting Professor in several European, Latin American, and Asian Universities. His publications include Privatisation and Human Rights in the Age of Globalisation, (Intersentia, co-edited with Koen de Feyter, 2005), International Human Rights Law in a Global Context (University of Deusto, co-edited with Koen de Feyter, 2009), Rethinking Transitions. Equality and Social Justice in Societies Emerging From Conflict (Intersentia, co-edited with Gaby Oré, 2011), "Freedom From Want from a Local Perspective: Evolution and Challenges Ahead", in The Local Relevance of Human Rights (Cambridge University Press, edited by Koen de Feyter, Stephan Parmentier et al., 2011), or "Extraterritorial Duties in International Law", in Global Justice, State Duties. The Extraterritorial Scope of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in International Law (Cambridge University Press, edited by Malcolm Langford et al., 2013).

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