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Franziska Temper

She obtained my bachelor´s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology (and took some additional courses in political science and law). During the Human Rights Master´s programme, she completed her internship at Play International in Kosovo, an NGO using sport for peace-building, reconciliation and empowerment of vulnerable groups like women, ethnic communities and persons with disabilities. Through her internship she gained better insight into the various forms of discrimination against women in Kosovo. For this reason, she decided to focus on women´s rights in her thesis. Another important reason was her long-time interest in the power of sports. Since her childhood, she have been engaged in sports, especially team sports like football. (Hence, she combined two of her major interests.) In 2017, she started to work at Fair Play as project coordinator in the area of sports and human rights. Supported by the Ministry of Sports, she organized the Working Group on Sports and Human Rights and was responsible for the project, "Our Game", which dealt with human rights violations and mega-sporting events. Additionally, she received a diploma in project management. In 2018, she started my current position as assistant to the CEO at the Austrian Football Bundesliga.

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