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Maryam Salehijam

She is a Canadian/Iranian BOF funded PhD researcher at the Transnational Law Center of the University of Ghent as well as a visiting scholar at the MPI for Comparative and International Private Law and the Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution. Her research focuses on the use of ADR in commercial disputes, especially addressing the validity and enforceability of ADR agreements and whether such legal questions can be regulated on an international level. She was awarded her LL.M. in international laws and LL.B. in European law by Maastricht University (exchanges in Glasgow and McGill University). She is a member of YMI, CEPA-NI40, DIS40, YIAC, LCIA, and OGEMID. Furthermore, due to her international background, she is a native speaker of English and Persian, intermediate in Spanish and French, and beginner in German and Dutch.

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