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Dr. Michael Geistlinger

Professor for public international law, comparative constitutional law and Eastern European law at the University of Salzburg. His major publications deal with theory and practice of public international law, European integration, international and European environmental law, Russian and Eastern European constitutional law in a comparative view, and international sports law. He has experience with international arbitration as an arbitrator at the CAS Lausanne for more than twenty years and was member of the CAS Ad Hoc Division for the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver 2010 and of the CAS Anti-Doping Division for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. Publications on Sports Law inter alia: Competing Jurisdictions in International Sports Law - A Case Study, in: Bartłiomej Krzan (ed.), Conflicts of Jurisdictions, Wroclaw 2012; Challenges for Russia in Connection with International Competitions (together with S. E. Martynenko), in: SpuRT 6/2013, 222 - 226.

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