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Michel Girodo

Professor Girodo served as Director of Doctoral Programs in Professional Psychology at the University of Ottawa, and as chief behavioural consultant for the RCMP for 25 years where he led practitioners in applying a Scientist-Practitioner model for managing human factors in specialized investigations. For two years he occupied the first Visiting Professor position at the Federal Bureau of Investigations in the world famous training academy in Quantico.
Professor Girodo was also the academic representative on the Interpol Group of Experts on Corruption for 10 years. His academic research, teaching and professional work has centered on the psychological disruption caused by working in alien environments, such as undercover assignments, and its links to job performance, ethics failures, and corruption. Professor Girodo has put theory into practice by providing a criminal justice response to the trafficking of human beings, working with the United Nations in Sudan, the Congo, Haiti, and Kosovo.

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