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Mimi Chakrabarty

Mimi entered the Vienna Master of Arts Human Rights Program with an undergraduate degree in Translation, from the University of Ottawa, in Canada. Her prior stints in Canadian federal service enabled her to work with judicial documents, including court decisions (e.g. on asylum applications) - which furthered her pre existing interest in the advancement of women´s rights and led her to apply for the Vienna program. During her time in the MA program, she completed two internships: The first, at the Vienna-based Regional Office of the International Organization for Migration, with a focus on immigration and border management; and the second, a remote work term with a Kabul-based non-governmental organization, DROPS Afghanistan (a policy/research/advocacy group), in a research-and-communications capacity. With an interest in applying the analytical skills and subject-specific knowledge gained during her Master´s studies to human-rights issues prevalent in her home country, Canada, Mimi decided to research the ongoing crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. In particular, she examined how ongoing tensions between Canadian institutions at various levels result in implementation gaps in investigations and violence prevention, further distancing Canada´s Indigenous women from their rightful claim to safety and justice. Since graduating, Mimi has held a management position at a non-governmental organisation, in policy work, in Ottawa; and subsequently transitioned back into federal government. She currently works in an analytical role as a junior policy officer in the Department for Women and Gender Equality in the Gender-Based Violence Program-Policy team.

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