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Mitja Žagar, PhD

Mitja Žagar holds Ph.D. in Law and is currently the Research Councilor at the Institute for Ethnic Studies and Full Professor of political science, ethnic studies and law at the University of Ljubljana and University of Primorska/Littoral. He heads the research program at the Institute for Ethnic Studies, doctoral program Diversity Management and Governance at the University of Primorska/Littoral and M.A. program in Ethnic Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. He has taught at universities in Europe (Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary, Italy, etc.), North America (Canada, USA), South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. His research interests, on which he has published, include international law, human rights, comparative constitutional law, comparative politics and government, transformation(s) and transition, institution building, governance, federalism, human rights, civic education, ethnic and minority studies and diversity management (including prevention, management and resolution of crises and conflicts, inclusion and integration).

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