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Primož Gorkič

After attaining B.A. in law in September 2002, Primož Gorkič enrolled in post-graduate studies in Civil and Commercial Law at the Ljubljana Faculty of Law, later substituted for studies in Criminal Law. He attained a doctorate degree in November 2009. Finishing his traineeship with the Ljubljana Higher Court in November 2004, he applied for the position of assistant - researcher at the Ljubljana faculty. He passed the national bar exam in April 2005. From October 2007 till November 2009 he worked as part-time advisor to the Supreme Court of Slovenia. He is currently working as assistant professor with the Chair for Criminal Law at Ljubljana Faculty of Law and as a part-time researcher at the Institute of Criminology at the Ljubljana Faculty of Law. He researched and published on issues of pre-trial procedure, procedural safeguards, evidence law and EU criminal law. He is a member of the Slovenia Criminal Law and Criminology Association and International Commericial Law Society of Slovenia managing boards.

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