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Dr. Sunčica Zdravković

Teaches at the University of Novi Sad, in parallel with the Psychology Department and School of Electrical Engineering. She is also a director of the Laboratory of Experimental Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy. Sunčica is affiliated with the University of Malta while her research is partially carried out in the Laboratory of Experimental Psychology in Belgrade and she collaborates with colleagues from North America, Europe and Asia. Professor Zdravković obtained an MA in Cognitive Neuroscience (2000) and a PhD in Psychophysics (2002) at Rutgers University (USA) and her postdoc was at Trieste University, Italy (2004). Her research interests include light in complex visual scenes, spatial and temporal illumination change, effects of the higher cognitive functions on colour perception, identity and light constancy. Sunčica is a (co)author on more than 30 international journal publications and four books and has participated in a number of national and international projects.

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