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Dr. Sveva Avveduto

Is the Research Director at the Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies of the Italian National Research Council (IRPPS-CNR), which she had previously been Director of from 2009 to 2014. She chaired the OECD Group on Steering and Funding of Research Institutions in Paris and has been a national Expert in many OECD Activities concerning postgraduate training, higher education, women in science, employment and mobility. She also served as expert for European Commission Projects and worked or is currently working, in many Sixth FP, Seventh FP and Horizon 2020 Projects and networks as chief scientist at the Italian level and responsible for the Italian teams. Author of 16 books and over 200 scientific papers. Invited speaker at several national and international Conferences and seminars. President of the Italian Association of Women in Science. Head (with C. Decaro) of the CNR National Committee on Charter for Researchers.

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