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Ph.D. Zlata Ðurdević, LL.M.

She is Associate Professor and Head of Department of Criminal Procedural Law, Faculty of Law, at the University of Zagreb. She received a BA from the Faculty of Law at the University of Zagreb in 1992, a LL.M. in 2002, and a Ph.D. in 2003. In 1997 she received a M.Phil in Criminology from the Newnham College, University of Cambridge. She passed the Croatian Bar exam in 1994. Zlata Ðurdević has been visiting researcher at the University of Berkeley, the Max-Planck-Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law in Freiburg i. Br., the Universities of Augsburg and Graz. She has been Member of several experts team of the Croatian Ministry of Justice and the negotiation teams of the Republic of Croatia for the membership to the European Union. She serves as the Deputy of the Secretary General of the International Association of Penal Law (AIDP).

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