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Final Report on the Online Tool “MyEurope…Tomorrow!”


ISBN: 978-3-7083-1071-8
35 Seiten, broschiert, Nov 2015


  • Johannes W. Pichler / Alexander Wolfschwenger

Final Report on the Online Tool “MyEurope…Tomorrow!”

Bridging the Gap Between Europe and its Citizens

Schriften zur Rechtspolitik
Band 38

This report reflects on a cutting-edge collaboration between the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), the Austrian Institute for European Law and Policy (AIELP Salzburg), the University of Graz and civil society regarding the joint - pilot project "MyEurope...Tomorrow!" (MET).
The MET-Project was set up with the goal of actively promoting the objective of citizen engagement in policy making - as postulated in the Lisbon Treaty, specifically Article 11(1) TEU, and aims at achieving its spirit in reality.
The challenges and opportunities of this ambitious, yet necessary and long overdue undertaking are presented in an illustrative way. The focus lies on the creation, implementation and support of a specifically designed online tool provided by the EESC - the MET-online platform, and related measures and actions in order to meet the main goals outlined and the expectations of stakeholders and civil society as a whole in relation to New European Governance and Participatory Democracy.

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