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Real Property Rights in Serbia


ISBN: 978-3-7083-0239-3
263 Seiten, broschiert, Feb 2005

Real Property Rights in Serbia

Schriftenreihe des Center of Legal Competence
Band 17

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To every social community, thus also to the Republic of Serbia, the legal system on real property rights is of enormous importance for the organization of the state, the character of the government, as well as for the commercial and economic development as a whole. In Serbia especially in recent decades, the property law has faced highly dynamic, intensive and far-reaching changes. This is why this publication outlines the evolution of property rights in Serbia and exhaustively presents the legal regime in force in this highly important field of the legal system, touching on the basic directions of announced changes expected to be adopted in the near future. The 1st part of this publication presents the core and essential characteristics of property law and law of obligations concerning real property, the 2nd part concerns the system of registration of immovables, which is currently subject to three different forms of records; the 3rd part explores the various modes of credit relations and credit securing and the 4th part gives information about a special view on security means referring to mortgaging, which up until now, have not been developed in Serbia.

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