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Upholding Human Rights
ISBN: 978-3-7083-1369-6
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  • Kaitlyn Rice / Leonard Cusculeca

Upholding Human Rights

Vienna Master of Arts in Human Rights. Selected Theses. Generation 4. Class of 2017

All Human Rights for All
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Founded in 2012, the Vienna Master of Arts in Human Rights pioneered interdisciplinary human rights education by uniting academic disciplines of history, political science, sociology, media sciences, law, psychology, philosophy and anthropology. The aim of the interdisciplinary approach is to transcend human rights challenges.
In their research, students of the Master turn classroom theory into action in the field. Students first learn about countries and human rights situations, and then they engage with human rights in practice, thereby evolving into human rights advocates. It is through their academic practice, including the completion of a master thesis, that Vienna Master students contribute to upholding human rights internationally.
"Upholding Human Rights" is a compilation of the best master theses of the 4th Generation of the Vienna Master of Arts in Human Rights. The theses topics deal with a range of human rights challenges around the globe. Among them post-colonialism discourse and torture, anti-corruption, children deprived of liberty, human rights of transgender prisoners and trans-children´s rights in schools.

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