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„Lessons (not) Learned“ with regards to Human Rights and Democracy
ISBN: 978-3-7083-0650-6
222 Seiten, broschiert, Jän 2010


  • Wolfgang Benedek

„Lessons (not) Learned“ with regards to Human Rights and Democracy

A Comparison of Bosnia an Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia

This book brings together three contributions by talented young scholars from the Balkans, i.e. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia on a topic of general concern.
he “international community” composed of international organisations, states and international non-governmental organisations has taken major responsibilities with regard to (re)establishing human rights and democracy in the post-conflict situation of these countries.
Lessons (Not) learned mainly reviews the performance of the international community, but examines as well the efforts made by the governments and the role of civil society as they are seen through the eyes of young scholars from the three countries. The research has been coordinated by the European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (ETC), which has a long standing cooperation with the partners in South-Eastern Europe, while the Human Rights Centre of the University of Prishtina was in charge of the local coordination and the printing of the publication.
The outcome is an analysis from within containing as well conclusions and recommendations, which reflect the thinking of a new well educated generation of scholars, which is able to reflect critically on the approaches taken by the international community and their impacts in this central field of international attention. Reading these contributions will help international actors to achieve better results in their efforts towards human rights and democratization and should lead to a closer and more equal cooperation with local experts and institutions.

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