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Updating International Nuclear Law


ISBN: 978-3-7083-0449-6
509 Seiten, broschiert, Mai 2007


  • Peter Machart

Updating International Nuclear Law

Papers Derived from the Conference on the Human Right to a Safe and Healthful Environment and the Responsibilities Under International Law of Operators of Nuclear Facilities, held in Salzburg, Austria, October 20-23, 2005

  • Authors from a diverse range of professional and geographic backgrounds, including distinguished scholars, scientists, journalists and NGO representatives, three of whom are laureates of the Alternative Nobel Prize.
  • A unique compilation of legal doctrines governing nuclear activities.
  • Recommendations for new paths to adjust the law to match the dimensions of nuclear risks.
  • An interdisciplinary approach resulting in cross-overs between research and civil action, politics and law-making.
  • A multi-purpose tool for academics, activists, the media and decision-makers.
  • A solid basis for intensifying the public debate on the future of nuclear power.

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