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ICTY: Towards a Fair Trial?


ISBN: 978-3-7083-0569-1
416 Seiten, broschiert, Nov 2008


  • Thomas Kruessmann

ICTY: Towards a Fair Trial?

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The ICTY does not merely represent a historical stage in the development of international criminal justice which can now be put aside and left to legal historians. It also has a lasting impact, due to the fact that its Rules of Procedure and Evidence are judge-made law, tested in the fire of court practice and frequently amended to take the latest developments into account. Finally, with the arrest of Slobodan Karadžić, a new chapter has been opened for the Court. This volume thus provides not only an account of all the debates revolving around the proper role of international criminal justice and a contribution to the developing academic discipline of “transitional justice”; it also opens up a perspective to the International Criminal Court and asks what procedural legacy the ad hoc tribunals for Yugoslavia and Ruanda provide for the future of international criminal procedure.

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