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.SIAK-Journal. International Edition 2018

Zeitschrift für Polizeiwissenschaft und polizeiliche Praxis


The European Union in the Colombian Peace Process
Quo vadis Colombia?
Yvonne Rieser

Intercultural Qualification of Police Officers
A model proposal
Hans-Joachim Asmus/Thomas Enke

The Anger of the Police
The French National Police - both heroised and hated by the French population
Stefanie Tränkle/Dirk Herzbach

The Crucial Question or "How do you feel about Corruption?"
Results of the BAK study "Attitudes towards corruption in Austria"
Ruth Linssen/Angelika Schäffer/Frank Heber

The Grasp Reflex in Adults
The forensic significance of other neurosurgical and neurological subjects
Silke M. C. Brodbeck/M. Sinikka Brodbeck/Juha Öhman

Evolution and Human Migration
Policy implications of anthropological evidence
Alexander Schahbasi/Martin Fieder

The Way to a Better Life?
Human trafficking in Austria - a bilateral research project
Edith Huber/Silke Birgitta Gahleitner/Katharina Gerlich/Heidemarie Hinterwallner/Walter Hötzendorfer

Self-Determination Skills, Mental Health and Sex Work
Stefan Tschöke/Brendan Snellgrove/Dana Bichescu-Burian/Raoul Borbé

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