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.SIAK-Journal. International Edition 2019
ISBN: ISSN 1813-3495
100 Seiten, broschiert, Mai 2019


  • Bundesministerium für Inneres, Sicherheitsakademie

.SIAK-Journal. International Edition 2019

Zeitschrift für Polizeiwissenschaft und polizeiliche Praxis


Passenger Name Records Data in the Fight Against Serious Crime
The path from the Passenger Name Records (PNR) Directive to national law
Viola Kainz/Marina Prunner

Security-Related Issues in EU-SILC Surveys
Descriptive analysis of data from the 2007-2016 period
Hanns Matiasek

Dating of Fingermarks: Fiction or Reality?
Aline Girod-Frais

Pocket Spies
Advanced Persistent Espionage Campaigns Go Mobile
Maschenka Braganca

Police and age: Fostering the subjective sense of security of older and very old men and women in public spaces
Stefan Hopf/Tanja Obex/Rebekka Rohner

Compliance With the Law and Cooperation Through Police Legitimacy
An empirical study of the procedural justice model of police legitimacy in Austria
Silvia Antensteiner

From Tribes to States
Evolutionary aspects of complex societies
Alexander Schahbasi/Martin Fieder

Migration and History
The way to a transnational culture of remembrance
Linda Lilith Jakubowicz

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