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.SIAK-Journal. International Edition 2021
ISBN: ISSN 1813-3495
96 Seiten, broschiert, Mai 2021


  • Bundesministerium für Inneres, Sicherheitsakademie

.SIAK-Journal. International Edition 2021

Zeitschrift für Polizeiwissenschaft und polizeiliche Praxis


The Formation of Bloodstains Following Head Injuries
Gross, Piotrowski and the first blow
Silke M.C. Brodbeck

Islamist and Right-Wing Extremist Propaganda
A literary analysis on the mechanisms and impact of violent extremist narratives online
Victoria Steinek/Birgit Zetinigg

From Loss of Authority to Resistance
When interaction with the police escalates
Johannes Luff

Relevance of Authority and Respect for Police Action
How do police authority and respect arise and how can they be integrated into police action?
Matthias Weber

Do Personal Crises Change Attitudes to Corruption?
Angelika Schäffer

Children in Prison?
The legal framework for placing children under the care of their mothers who are serving a prison sentence
Sebastian Gölly/Nina Kaiser

Gentrification and Crime
Theoretical explanations and practical research problems
Tim Lukas/Jan Üblacker

Similarity in Faces and How it is Influenced by Proximity
Ján Janek

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