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Arto Kiviniemi

Professor Kiviniemi has being developing BIM since 1996. Between 1997 and 2002 he led the national BIM programme which enabled Finland's early adoption of BIM. His main international activities have been in buildingSMART where he has held several leading positions. He has made over 100 keynote and invited lectures at international events. His international achievements in the field of BIM were marked by the receipt of Fiatech's CETI Award in 2009 and the Order of the Knight of White Rose of Finland in 2012.
The use of BIM in the construction industry is rapidly growing and will cause fundamental changes in professional roles, work processes and business models. One potential area of use of BIM is the early assessment of environmental impacts and other issues related to sustainable development. However, this requires that the tools are used from the early stages of projects as a means of comparing and identifying best alternatives rather than the current practice in which they are used to verify code compliance at the end of the process - if at all. This presentation will discuss the challenges and possibilities of changing the process to meet more stringent sustainability requirements.

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