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Christian Derix

Christian Derix founded the Computational Design Research [CDR] group at Aedas in 2004. The group won awards for spatial simulation, including the 2010 RIBA President's Medal for Research in Practice for their Spatial
Simulation Framework, the 2011 Compasso d'Oro Commendation for the web-based design furniture VITA or the 2012 CTBUH Innovation Award for the Al Bahar responsive facade. He studied architecture in Italy and the UK, is an associate professor at IE University, Madrid, and lectures at various universities across Europe.
Aedas CDR has been pioneering computation for spatial design for a decade, being the first to integrate analytical and generative algorithms for architectural design. The key to innovating new spatial simulations has been to focus on the heuristics of designing and on the perception of the user (or occupant) in space.
The interactive design simulations explore and generate spatial configurations that correlate people and built space and which visualise the inherent complexity of environments as a vehicle for design. This approach of user-behaviour and perception-based design is applied to all spatial scales. The presentation will discuss projects from furniture via architecture to masterplanning, illustrating the limits and opportunities for overcoming the ubiquitous geometrical obsession in architecture.

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