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Dipl.-Ing. Arch. Christoph M. Achammer

Universitätsprofessor. Architekturstudium an der TU Wien. Gründungsgesellschafter und CEO von ATP Architekten und Ingenieure. Seit 2001 Univ.-Prof. für Industriebau und interdisziplinäre Bauforschung an der TU Wien.Born 1957 in Innsbruck, Architectural Studies at the Vienna University of Technology.
Experience gained travelling and working widely in Europe, Middle and Far East and USA.
Joined ATP in 1987 as Partner responsible for architecture.
In 1999 Founding Partner and Board Member of ATP Architects and Engineers, a leading full service design company in Middle- and Central Europe with over 500 employees in Innsbruck, Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt, Zagreb and Switzerland (areas of special expertise: buildings for production, logistics, retail and entertainment,
administration, hospitality and transport). Appointed in 2001 as Professor for Industrial Building and Interdisci-
plinary Planning, Institute for Interdisciplinary Building Process Management, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Vienna University of Technology.
Organizer of the Alpbach Architecture Forum between 2001 and 2005. Founder of the Concrete Student Trophy,
interdisciplinary international student competition in 2005. Founder of IG Lebenszyklus Hochbau association in 2010. Publication and lectures of various works on the themes of industrial building and integrated design.

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