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Verena Neuhold

She is working at Roche Diagnostics, Switzerland. At Roche Diagnostics, for many years, Verena was leading a legal team with a global reach, including international contracting, dispute resolution, and developing legal strategy. Today, Verena is leading an employee relations group, being responsible for resolution of workplace conflict. She has a broad experience of litigation, arbitration and mediation in various countries, and is regarded as impactful conference speaker and trainer on mediation and negotiating.
Before joining Roche, she worked for an international law firm, Baker & McKenzie, in Frankfurt, Germany, and for law firms in the USA and South Africa.
Verena graduated from the faculty of law at the University of Münster, Germany, and completed her legal education as a law clerk in Lübeck and Hamburg, Germany. Verena is a certified business mediator (SGO Business School, Zürich).

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