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.SIAK-Journal. International Edition 2016

Zeitschrift für Polizeiwissenschaft und polizeiliche Praxis

Aus dem Inhalt/Contents:

Preventive Human Rights Protection
Human rights monitoring of the security authorities in Austria - changes resulting from the implementation of OPCAT
Monika Ritter

Survey on Safety and Crime in Lower Saxony
Methods and findings of a study conducted by the police on unreported crime
Alexander Gluba

Homicide of an Adolescent Burglar by a Police Officer
Right and wrong police action, public reactions and possible consequences of the "Krems Merkur" case
Simone Jungwirth

The "Solidarity Clause" of the European Union - Dead Letter or Enabling Act?
Antonio-Maria Martino

Rise and Fall in Crime Rates
Panel analysis as a method of data-driven crime research
Julius Heß/Esther Jarchow

Interfaces of Police and Military Security
Internal assistance provided by the German Armed Forces due to the increasing number of disasters and security threats
Veit Petzoldt

CFN - A Clinical-Forensic Network for Austria
Simone Kainz/Johannes Höller/Isabella Klasinc/Thorsten Schwark/Reingard Riener-Hofer

UN Field Service
The first foreign experience of the Austrian police
Mario Muigg

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